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Here you’ll find easy to use mortgage repayment calculators and other finance calculators for just about any scenario. We provide friendly free advice so if you need to know something more than what these calculators can provide or you want more accurate information specific to your circumstances,¬†give us a call on 1800 047 057 or send us a message here, we’re fully licenced and here to provide professional credit advice.

Know how much your mortgage repayments or any term loan repayments will be with Premium Finance Group Australia’s Loan repayment calculator.

Get a good idea of your borrowing power with this Mortgage Calculator, remember every lender is different so check in with us for more accurate details when you’re ready.

Keep your finances on track with this easy to use Budget Planner.


How do loan fees affect my interest rate? Check out here and with us directly where needed.

See your money at work with this compound interest calculator.

Work out how fast you can pay off your Credit Card with this easy Credit Card calculator.

Work out what those extra repayments will do to your loan!

Quickly check your Home Loan offset savings with this calculator!

Check the time frame left to repay your loan here.

Check the future of your savings efforts with this calculator today!

Interest only mortgage repayments calculator here.

Calculate the costs of an introductory rate loan.

Check the effect of making lump sum repayments into your mortgage or loan with this calculator.

Take a look at the effect of splitting your loan between fixed and variable rates with this calculator!

Car loan repayments or equipment finance repayments easily worked out here!

Not sure which loan comes out better? Compare loans and costs with this mortgage comparison calculator.

Check the purchasing costs for the property you have your eye on here!

Get a good idea of the costs to sell your property here!

Work out your annual income with this calculator.

Calculate your gross income including Medicare levy here.

Plan your savings goals with this easy to use savings calculator.

Know with confidence how much you need to deposit into your savings each week to reach your savings goals here!

Calculate fortnightly mortgage repayments with this mortgage calculator.

Want to reduce your mortgage? Check out the costs with our mortgage switching calculator here.

Compare financial outcomes of renting versus buying here!